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It was a simple question: “How about about a pop up?” That was early October and we had all just about recovered from a hectic summer season. Just a few busy weeks later, we opened the doors and welcomed the first guests to Food From the Fire.

Our first step was to persuade Mark and the fabulous team at Perth’s Bike Station (housed in the old Peddies building at the top end of the old High Street) that to have a fire themed pop up restaurant in their 100 year old building was a great idea. Fortunately, those guys love a challenge as much as we do!

How about about a pop up?

As our diners arrived through the doors of the old, wood paneled office, they were greeted with our Pickerings Gin Smokey Negroni, infused with ice made from water smoked in our in-house smoker, and the site of this lovely old space transformed into a speakeasy bar, with retro style filament lightbulbs strung from the ceiling and the old filing drawers turned into pouring racks for our barman.

Edging past ancient ‘No Naked Flame’ warning signs, which we’d tastefully decorated with pine branches and tealights (yes, really) they made their way into the main bike shopfloor, which we had transformed into a sparkling, festively decorated dinning room.

How about about a pop up?

Our amazing team then produced and served a 3-course meal, inspired by cooking on an open fire, something we’ve all done since childhood. There was torched North Sea Mackerel with green apple, samphire. On the side there was sourdough from the Aran Bakery and our own home smoked butter. This was followed by a wee shot of roast pumpkin & ginger soup and then there was Scotch lamb, supplied by DG Lindsay in Perth and marinated for 72 in yogurt, roast garlic and rosemary. We served it with coal cooked baba ghanoush and autumnal squash. Finally we brought out stunning slates of almond & pear tart with a gorgeous sticky toasted, spiced marshmallow.

How about about a pop up?

All of the food was cooked on site, by our chefs, in the bike storage area, which we had transformed into a fully functioning field kitchen. We rarely go anywhere without one of our coffee machines so we were able to offer our guests a full range of barista coffees afterwards and we had wine and drinks a-plenty available in the cosy cocktail bar. So, a bit like a regular restaurant, but so very different, and only for 2 nights.

Written by Penny



King of the Grill

A lot can be learned from primeval humans. We still try to emulate their ways in the forms of faddy new city slicker diets: namely The Paleo Diet.

But, they were onto something. Why not strip it back and keep it clean and simple. More and more we seem to be finding innovative and interesting menus moving away from rich, creamy dishes in favour of simple, tasty and natural dishes.

We don't do status quo at Lov Events. The Scottish wedding favourite of yesteryear Balmoral Chicken and Pommes Dauphinoise has its place in society, just not at the Lov Events dinner table.

We wanted a menu to encourage sharing with family and friends, old and new, which also offered simple, great tasting, locally sourced meat, served in its purest form, straight off the grill, alongside big hearty salads.

King of the Grill

King of the Grill

From Fraser’s travels in South America he had always wanted to replicate an Argentinian Asado (big BBQ) here in Scotland. Only difference was our meat in Scotland is arguably better quality, and you may need to deploy someone to hold an umbrella over the fire, no biggie!

Ok, how do we construct such a beast? Researching Asado design, we encountered many that looked like sculptured pieces that would not look out of place in the Tate Modern. "We need to find a blacksmith who's as keen for a challenge as we are!" Step up Medocs of Perth! Some would have thought us crazy, and told us to take a hike, but not these boys, they were delighted to take it on.

3 weeks later and, the mother of all outdoor cooking devices was ready. Here she is in action:

Written by Ross Brown


This month, we were asked to do something different for an event in Glasgow, everyone loves a burger whether it’s a veggie burger on a brioche with salad or a classic beef burger with fried onions on a bakers roll. How could we change it up? Who was producing something different?

Driving home to Dunblane one evening I had a light bulb moment; Highland Waygu. I had heard about the ground-breaking idea of the first Scottish Wagyu herd not far from Stirling. I called them up and got to work tasting different recipes for the perfect Scottish Wagyu burger.

I got to work with the guys at Highland Wagyu burger company to create the perfect balance between fat, flavor and texture. It involved us trying lots of combinations, the hype is real. Wagyu it’s the boss of beef! As the team ate 300g wagyu steak burgers on fresh toasted brioche from Tower Bakery for lunch office morale was at an all time high.

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But wait. How was this going to work? using the most pampered, beer fed, silver spooned cows on the planet?

We were talking about selling most sought after beef in the world in a burger van, Wagyu is more likely to be seen in the pages of a 7 course taster menu at Andrew Fairlies taster menu at Gleneagles than in a posh burger van. But, in true Lov Events Style we decided to take the leap.

The first time we road tested them at an event was during the launch for BaAD Glasgow’s courtyard space, if you don’t know BaAD – you need to! Its everything that’s great about Glasgow! Great design, fun people, arts, culture and it is the flagship of the fresh new look Barrowlands.

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As Wagyu cattle are reared to such a high standard, they are expensive! Our everyday beef burger uses great Scottish beef from our local Perthshire farmer and butcher T.H. Stevenson, These burgers are great, nothing added apart from beef, salt and pepper they are rightfully expensive, However, Wagyu burgers cost 400% more. Wastage is not an option! We therefore cook them to order, Serving them up with homemade slaw, vine tomato’s & peppery rocket. This is the future!

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Our journey to burger greatness is well under way, keep an eye out for the Lov Burger Co. at an event in Scotland this summer!

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Written: Ross Brown

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