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Lov Mexican

Who doesn't love a wee flavour burst of deliciousness, in the form of a canape, especially when it's acommpanied with a glass of fizz and the anticipation of the meal to come. Lov Events canapes look great, and are loaded with as many locally sourced ingredients in as we can possibly fit in to one, great tasting bite.

Lov Burger

Lov Events offer menus that allow your guests to mix and mingle.You might decide on a cold buffet with poached Scottish salmon and honey roasted ham, or you might opt for an Asado, better known as an Argentinan BBQ. Imagine a whole sirloin of Perthshire beef, perfectly cooked to medium rare over hot coals, and served ready to carve.


LOV Events Pop Ups

Imagine your guests' delight as they tuck into a LovBurger Co burger, served in a freshly toasted brioche bun, topped with meltingly gooey Scottish cheddar. Or unwrapping a freshly rolled and piquant, but not too fiery, chicken burrito, loaded with chopped salad, steaming rice, melting Scottish cheddar and our signature Mexican bean sauce.

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