LOV Events Bar

PopUp Bars

We have created pop up bars in farm sheds, at sporting events even in open fields. We bring the wine, the drinks, the cocktails, the staff, you just bring your guests.

LOV Events Bar

You've planned your event, you've chosen your food, then you discover that Uncle Archie only drinks Aperol or your gorgeous granny insists on ginger beer? Don't worry we've got that covered. Tell us what you want to drink and we'll source it and serve it.


LOV Events Bar

Pickering's Airstream

Our newest offering is a beautiful original airstream bar. Working with premium small-batch distillery, Pickerings, the first gin producer in Edinburgh for 150 years. Hire our fully customisable bars with quality spirits, craft Scottish beer and cocktails, shaken and stirred.

Available for major events, private party or weddings. For prices and information enquire below.

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